Cold Hard Facts (formerly IceSensations LA) produces their own crystal clear 300# carving blocks to create the ice sculpture for your event.

  • The 300 pound block dimensions are 40” tall x 20” wide x 10” thick.
  • The ice blocks are frozen slowly over 4 days while the purified water is still moving.
  • Then the ice block is harvested, trimmed, boxed and kept frozen waiting to be sculptured for your event.

What can be sculptured out of ice?

……….Almost Anything You can Imagine! Most Corporate Logos can be duplicated out of ice and used in Ice Sculptures such as Corporate Ice Bars, Luges and Display Signs. Remember that there are structural time and temperature limitations for all ice carvings.

How can you light up an Ice Sculpture?

You can use Cool Temperature Battery Operated lights, Clip Lights, Colored LightSpot Lights, or Candle light. All of our Sculptures are set up on a lighted Base (Light Glo) to create that Extra Sensation.

How big are Ice Sculptures? What are they used for?

Small sculptures (12” to 17”) are mostly used as Table Centerpieces, which replace traditional flowers or are used in conjunction with flowers. Medium sculptures (20” to 30”) are most commonly used as buffet centerpieces in homes, boats or small parties. Large sculptures (36” to 60”) are used in most Major Events ~ either on buffet tables or focal points through out the room. Bigger than life Ice Sculptures are displayed on the floor with lights illuminating he sculpture from below. Most giant sculptures are used for Promotional Events such as Grand Openings, New Product Introduction, Concerts, etc. These can be anywhere from 6 to 30 feet tall!

What are Snow Packed Ice Sculptures?

These are blocks or sculptures that have been carved out then filled with snow to provide a greater visual impact. Examples of this technique are Corporate Logos, Sign Graphics, Eyes, etc.

How can you stop an Ice Sculpture from Melting?

You cannot stop it or slow down the melting process. The melting and subtle changes that take place are an intricate part of the art. The beauty of an ice sculpture is that something so perishable is sculpted into a work of art only to be viewed once.

How much does an Ice Sculpture weigh?

A one-block ice sculpture can range from 150 to 250 pounds, depending on its design.

How long does it take to make an Ice Sculpture?

The time spent drawing, designing and producing an Ice Carving depends on the artisan. On an average it will take 4-6 days to produce a custom sculpture.

How long does an Ice Sculpture last?

The prime show life of a sculpture is 7-8 hours at room temperature. Ice melts proportionally therefore the sculpture retains its silhouette for the duration of the event.

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